About Us

About Phoenix Demolition and Excavation Services

We are a Colorado based company located in Commerce City, Colorado. We will respond to our clients needs 24 hours, a day 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We provide a prompt, professional staff that will assess the property, go over the pricing of the services with the responsible parties and immediately begin the process unless a permit is required. We will work with the client on payment if the family is unable to pay by setting up payment plans and/or referring them to the right agencies dept.

Service Oriented This has been the objective of Phoenix's for years since being in the industry for
over 35 years and it has certainly been demonstrated by customer retention.

Responsive The needs of the customer take priority in many ways.

Experience Phoenix's has an unbelievable amount of combined experience. Well over 35 years. This is
invaluable in problem solving, customer relations, value engineering and the final product.

Excellent Product The quality of work is remarkable. This is demonstrated by the fact that there
has not been one negative follow up call. That is impressive.

Retention of Crews What an invaluable resource. I use this in my marketing all the time, since it
is so rare in this industry. It reflects the kind of people that make up the Phoenix's family.

Organized Phoenix's certainly keeps the protocol organized and the principals organize and
schedule production very well. It runs very smooth.

>Excellent Reputation It is a reflection of the people and the attitudes that service, product and
responsiveness are a priority. Most demolition & abatement companies do not have that kind of

Good Record OSHA / CDPHE No guilty violations while working with other companies, however since
starting my new company we do not foresee any problems and have good relationships with CDPHE, and
in good standing with OSHA.

Honest and Open-minded Phoenix's believes that honestly with our clients will be respectable and
give excellent service to gain word of mouth for future clients and success. Everyone is open to
change or alternatives, and the honesty is most likely appreciated by all associated with Phoenix.

Expansion and diversification of services is a low cost and very effective avenue to increase
revenue. Phoenix's already prepared for change and expanding our services beyond the
competition already established. Additionally, it puts Phoenix in the arena of a full-service
demolition & environmental company. This will open many doors that were previously unavailable.
Again, it is extremely important that we never turn down jobs or rtunities unless there is a risk,
either political or from a liability standpoint.
rtunities unless there is a risk, either political or from a liability standpoint.